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Better You Boost B12 Oral Spray 25ml


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Vegans need to take a vitamin B12 supplement. This does not undermine a vegan diet, many people, regardless of diet, would benefit from taking it. B12 is produced by microbes that live in soil but our food is now so sanitised that we need a supplement and the same is true for farmed animals that also are given B12 supplements. We suggest you cut out the middleman and take your own.

B12 helps maintain healthy nerve cells and helps in the production of DNA, the body’s genetic material. It works closely with folic acid, to make red blood cells, to help iron work better in the body and to produce a compound involved in immune function and mood. Deficiency may lead to a range of problems including extreme tiredness and lack of energy, pins and needles sensation, muscle weakness, depression and cognitive problems such as impaired memory, understanding and judgement. Chronic untreated B12 deficiency is associated with lasting neurological damage.

BetterYouTM Boost B12 Oral Spray is an effective way to maintain healthy B12 levels. Specially formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, this supplement absorbs quickly in your mouth providing faster nutrient absorption than tablets or capsules.

  • 4 sprays contain 1200μg vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B12 supports psychological functions and energy release
  • Stimulant free, containing natural B12, green tea and chromium
  • A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules
  • 48 daily doses
  • Natural apricot flavour
  • Packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic
  • Free from: sugar, gluten, artificial colours, artificial flavours, additives, fillers, GMO, alcohol, palm oil


Use 4 sprays daily (or as directed by your healthcare professional). Can be taken together or separately. Does not need to be taken with food or water, can be taken at any time of the day and combined with our other oral sprays.


Do not exceed recommended dosage – excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


Once opened, use within six months. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach and sight of children.



Water, diluent (xylitol), flavouring (natural apricot), acidity regulator (citric acid), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), preservative (potassium sorbate), green tea extract, chromium chloride.

Suitable for:


Children aged 3 years and above

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Pernicious Anaemia sufferers

People following a gluten free diet

Halve dosage for children under 12 years of age as their additional daily supplementation need is lower than that of an adult.

No contraindications with prescribed medications. 

Meet the Maker

BetterYou - "We are an innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle. Our products stand alone in the market place by their unique levels of quality and effectiveness."