Bird Flu: Birthplace Of The Next Pandemic? Leaflet x 50


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For 100 years, viral pandemics have all come from animals

There WILL be another pandemic, say scientists. Where, when and how is yet to be seen but bird flu is a serious candidate. The H5N1 strain of bird flu (avian influenza) is a major concern. It is already in the UK, with 80 outbreaks in poultry and other captive birds being reported in the winter of 2021/22. Up to 2022, there had been just 863 global cases in people. Not a lot! But the scary thing is that 456 of them died – a death rate of over 50 per cent! Most caught the infection by direct contact with poultry. So far, the virus is not easily spread person to person like seasonal flu and Covid-19

End factory farming before it ends us!

This great A6 leaflet is brilliant for spreading awareness and taking action. It is perfect for outreach events, used on stalls and door dropping.

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