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Everyone's Going Dairy-Free Guide


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Compiled by Viva!'s very own vegan kitchenista - this delicious guide guarantees to rock your dairy-free and vegan lifestyle!

Perfect for anyone who wants to cut dairy out of their diet and explore the amazingly tasty world of dairy-free alternatives. Features 98 pages full of recipes, handy charts on calcium-rich foods, shopping tips, Viva!'s top dairy-free secrets and more!

Dairy-free delights include:

  • Divine dairy-free recipes that will please everyone
  • Calcium rich foods - reassuringly simple and sound picture chart
  • Shopping tips - supermarkets and beyond
  • Supermarket dairy-free lists and how to access them
  • Dairy-free products to make or buy
  • Tofu tips – different types and flavours and what to do with them
  • Eating out made easy

Updated 2023. 





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