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Juno's Ark, By Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon

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An adventure for animal-lovers everywhere - with an inspirational ending. When a strange, bedraggled chicken appears in Juno's house one morning, this kind dog knows she won't be able to rest until all the other imprisoned chickens are safe. But, of course, bedraggled chickens lead her to mistreated cows and unhappy pigs... Can Juno and her motley crew of helpful animal friends bring these less fortunate animals to safety? And where on earth will she put them all? This book is a gentle introduction to current and cruel methods of animal farming, and to the solutions which include lab-grown meat and its potential to reduce animal cruelty and greenhouse gas emissions. Written to inspire conversations on animal welfare and intensive farming for a younger age group.

  • The first children's book from established author Jim Mellon
  • Full-colour illustrations on every page
  • Teenage/young adult reading age


Written by Jim Mellon

Illustrated by Simone Fumagalli



Number of Pages


127mm x 198mm