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Mindful Vegan Meals: Food Is Your Friend, By Maria Koutsogiannis

Maria Koutsogiannis

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Well-known as FoodByMaria on Instagram, Maria Koutsogiannis’ new recipe book brings vibrant colour to every page with 75 new recipes for us to feast on! With her Greek family influence, you can be rest assured that there are plenty of juicy Mediterranean dishes, with an entire section named Back to my Roots . Maria shares her journey with food, having overcome an eating disorder and then learnt to love food again, the recipes explore healthy, filling recipes along with tips and nutrition facts about ingredients. Sections include Comforting Mains, Falling In Love With Breakfast, and more. Highlights include the Cauliflower Buffalo Bites, Lime Coconut Curry Soup, and Fully Loaded Quinoa Greek Salad, plus the amount of smoothies, juices, and plant milk recipes is really impressive!


Maria Koutsogiannis



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