The Blessing of Crows, By E. L. Williams

E. L. Williams

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The First Ethereal saved the world, but can she save herself? 

Dive back into the Ethereal world in this nail-biting sequel to The First Ethereal. 

As the Ethereal world prepares to celebrate a decade of peace, love, and healing, little do they know that their utopia is about to be shattered.

Haunted by her memories, the First struggles to come to terms with the choices she made during the battle for the ascension. Had there been another way? How many lives had she taken that fateful day?  

As her friends prepare to party, the First puts on her ceremonial gown and readies herself to do her duty, smiling while her heart quietly breaks under the weight of her guilt and the burden of a destiny that is hers alone to bear.

When dark forces, bent on revenge, burst back into the world, the First finds herself on the frontline once again. Unable to run, hide, or fight for fear of further destabilising the new vibration, she must find another way of saving the world – the question is, will she save herself along with it? 


E. L. Williams 



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