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Vegan Man: The Manual For Cooking Amazing Plant-Based Food, By Michael Kitson

Michael Kitson

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London-based food blogger Michael Kitson has released this rather wonderful cookbook, subtitled ‘the manual for cooking amazing plant-based food’. There is practical advice on what to avoid, veganism on the go, nutrition, exercise and building muscle, along with a fantastic range of 64 recipes. Aside from the drool-worthy photography (which author does mostly himself), the recipes are a brilliant mix of comforting and everyday man-style foods made amazing. Sections include Breakfast and Brunch, Snacks and Sides, Main Courses and Desserts, Sweet Treats and Breads. Highlights include Sausage Roll Bites, Epic Vegan Lasagne, Classic ‘Chicken’ & Mushroom Pie and Spiral Seeded Protein bread. A definite recommend for any man, whether you are a new or a long-term vegan!


Michael Kitson



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