Veganza - Animal Hero, By Susan Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves

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Veganza, Animal Hero, swoops in to help all animals in need of rescue. One of her superpowers is to instill empathy. Veganza creates more animal heroes by empowering others with the heart and determination needed to aid other animals. Courage the Mermaid defends all the sea creatures. Together, Veganza and Courage are unbeatable defenders of animals. Meet Veganza Animal Hero and Courage the Mermaid. Marvel at how these brave characters rescue animals and create more animal heroes. Step into this beautiful, natural world where hunters grow hearts, animals are saved and youth are empowered to rescue all species of animals. Foster self-esteem with this inspiring, unforgettable animal hero story. 


By Susan Hargreaves

Illustrated By Monique Martinez 


Hardcover / Paperback 

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