Why You Don't Need Dairy Guide


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Written by Viva!’s director & founder – Juliet Gellatley, Why You Don’t Need Dairy is the definitive, go-to guide for those who want to go dairy-free, get informed (and healthy!) and find tasty alternatives.

Topics covered include:
  • Is drinking cows’ milk natural?
  • Why drinking cows’ milk is bad for our babies and for us
  • How milk increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, acne and cancers
  • Milk’s got the lot – growth hormones, oestrogen, saturated fat and pus (yes, pus)
  • The suffering of dairy cows and goats – and how it affects our health
  • Why those who drink the least milk have the strongest bones
  • Easy sources of calcium
All you need to know about milk - and why you’re better off without it.
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    About Viva!

    Viva!’s fight is a fight for life – for animals and ourselves. Through effective campaigning, we take the brutal reality of intensive farming to the people who can effect the most change: consumers. Our wide-ranging campaigns promote veganism as the best way to save animals from suffering, protect the environment, improve health and help those in developing countries.

    We have cleared most shelves of so-called ‘exotic meats’; our campaign against factory farming of pigs, turkeys and ducks aw deaths dive; we are closer than ever to a foie-gras free Britain and meat and dairy consumption are down in the UK thanks to Viva! and you. Viva! is a registered charity (1037486).