Licenced To Kill Leaflet x 50


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Plagues of sea lice feast on Scotland’s factory farmed fish – some might still be there when you cook it

More than half the fish on supermarket shelves come from aquatic factory farms. And in the UK, it’s Scottish salmon that tops the list. 100 per cent of Scottish Atlantic salmon are reared on intensive fish farms. These magnificent migratory animals are held captive in cages and doused with pesticides and antibiotics. Diseased, genetically weakened and stressed, they are a captive audience for a deadly parasite – sea lice.

This great A6 leaflet is brilliant for spreading awareness and taking action. It is perfect for outreach events, used on stalls and door dropping.

Find out more about our investigations into Scottish salmon farming and Rainbow trout farming.

About Viva!

Viva!’s fight is a fight for life – for animals and ourselves. Through effective campaigning, we take the brutal reality of intensive farming to the people who can effect the most change: consumers. Our wide-ranging campaigns promote veganism as the best way to save animals from suffering, protect the environment, improve health and help those in developing countries.

We have cleared most shelves of so-called ‘exotic meats’; our campaign against factory farming of pigs, turkeys and ducks aw deaths dive; we are closer than ever to a foie-gras free Britain and meat and dairy consumption are down in the UK thanks to Viva! and you. Viva! is a registered charity (1037486).